Welcome to JBC Online! We’re delighted you have chosen JBC as a partner in your development as a leading force in the creation of a more diverse, equitable and inclusive future of work.

As a new partner, the first thing you should know is that several thought leadership papers and video recordings on a range of topics are immediately available to you by selecting the DEI Resources option under My Courses from the menu on the left side of the screen.

Also, note that there is a tutorial titled How to Use JBC Online available as well. This is a quick tutorial on how to navigate your way around the platform and course content.

Featured Courses

Most importantly, as a registered user, you now have access to JBC Online’s Course Catalog. Featured courses include…

An Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion

This self-directed, e-learning course provides an introduction to the benefits of creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace. It then explores key terms and concepts, such as covering, intersectionality and microaggressions, that all DEI professionals need to master. It is an essential primer for anyone committed to playing an active role in assuring their workplace truly values diversity.


DEI Practitioners Program Level 1: Foundations

JBC’s Foundations program is a 6-week online experience designed take DEI concepts and make them real. Videos, reading, and activities are all preparatory for interactive exchanges between you, your instructor and your peers. You will learn how to illustrate and activate concepts such as equity, privilege and allyship using the power of storytelling. Foundations enhances your DEI mastery by demonstrating how to make the abstract evocative.    


We at JBC are excited you’re here. We look forward to exploring the critical values of diversity, equity and inclusion with you and to helping you become a leader and ally in the transformation of your organization. See you in class!